Q: What benefits can I expect from wearing the BalancyLife MagiTag? A: The MagiTag is dependent on the creation of natural Scalar Waves to repel parasites. Scalar Waves are also the foundations of a rapidly spreading form of non-invasive therapy, which claims to offer exceptional benefits.

In a clinical environment medical scalar waves are generated by a scalar wave generator. The scalar waves generated by the MagiTag are totally natural and generated by the interaction of the electromagnetic waves in the tag and the heart’s natural electromagnetic waves.

Scalar Waves generated by the tag are totally natural and are reported to result in:

  • An improvement in blood pressure
  • Detoxification of lymph nodes
  • Increase in concentration
  • Reduced stress, tension and anxiety
  • Purification of the blood
  • Control of arthritic and rheumatic pain

These are a small number of the benefits of Scalar Waves identified by Stephen Linsteadt, NHD and do not represent medical advice on the part of BalancyLife, CatanDog’s or their officers & employees.

Q: How does the BalancyLife MagiTag protect me from external parasites?
A: The MagiTag does not kill insects. A bio-resonant field, created by Scalar Waves, prevents mosquitos, fleas and ticks from settling on your skin. At best, they are a source of irritating itching and, at worst, a bite from a tick can result in infection with Lyme Disease, which can be a very serious disease for humans, as well as for domestic animals. A detailed explanation of how Scalar Waves are created is to be found on the “How Does MagiTag Work?” page.

Q: Can the BalancyLife MagiTag be worn by humans of all weights and ages?
A: The MagiTag is suitable for humans up to 100 kg. (220 lbs.) . There is no age limit for the wearer.

Q: Are there circumstances when a human should not wear the BalancyLife MagiTag?
A: You should NOT wear a MagiTag if you are fitted with a Heart Pacemaker Implant. The performance of the pacemaker can be seriously affected by the electromagnetic fields generated by the interaction of the tag and the natural human electromagnetic field.

Q: Should I worry about being too close to someone with a pacemaker?
A: You do not need to be concerned because the scalar waves are active in your body, not in that of the third party. They become dangerous to the party with the pacemaker, when this person has a tag creating scalar waves within his own body.

Q: Are there any circumstances in which I should NOT wear the MagiTag?
A: Other than where we have drawn attention to the dangers of wearing a MagiTag if fitted with a heart pacemaker, the answer is No. The MagiTag should remain on you at all times including while bathing, swimming, during X-Rays and when passing through electronic security barriers. Removing the MagiTag from your body will remove the protective electromagnetic field from your body. If this occurs, the electromagnetic field may take up to 30 days to re-establish itself.

Q: Is the tag manufactured from Aluminium and is there any risk of suffering from “Allergic Contact Dermatitis”?
A: The MagiTag is manufactured from an alloy comprising of Pewter & Zamak. From our experience to date there have been no instances of allergic reactions to the MagiTag tags.

Q: Should I worry about an interaction between the MagiTag & metal in my body? E.g. prosthetic limbs & joints, orthopaedic screws, metal tooth fillings?

A: No. There is no need to be concerned about any reaction between the scalar waves and other materials used for medical reasons or otherwise.

Q: Do the MagiTags cause interference with other electrical fields e.g. wi-fi, Bluetooth etc.?
A: No instance of this kind of interference has been reported during the 20 years of CatanDog’s marketing.

Q: Will the MagiTag protect me against other insects?
A: The MagiTag is a scaled-up version of the CatanDog’s Flea and Tick repellent tag. Anecdotal evidence, over 20 years, is that the CatanDog’s tag is just as effective in repelling mosquitos, flies and other flying insects as fleas & ticks. The MagiTag should not differ in any way from the CatanDog’s Tag.

Q: If the MagiTag is a scaled-up version of the CatanDog’s tag, can it be used on animals as well as humans?
A: The answer is yes. The size of the CatanDog’s Tag makes it suitable for animals up to 70 kg in weight. Above this weight the MagiTag can be used and in the event that the weight of the animal is more than 100 kg then additional tags can be added for each additional 100 kg.

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